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Himalayan Bungy offers the ultimate adrenaline rush with India's highest bungy jump. Tower at 117 meters high, jumpers will freefall while taking in stunning views of the surrounding mountain ranges & the holy Ganges. Our experienced and certified instructors prioritize safety and follow safety standards set by New Zealand and Australia. Crew members are trained by British expert, and state-of-the-art equipment is regularly checked to ensure the safety of all jumpers. Come join us for a thrilling and safe adventure at Himalayan Bungy, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Himalayan Swing offers you thrill At the apex, reaching a staggering pendulum height of 113 meters witnessing awe inspiring panoramic views of the surrounding mountain ranges and the majestic Ganges. Safety is our priority if you have any medical concerns or issues please contact our team before coming to site we want to make your experience the best possible and want to be as inclusive as we can for everyone for bungy jumping.

BUNGY -The Cost of photography & videography is not covered in the package, it is on jumpers demand: Rs1500/ person The customer will get the videos & photos via WhatsApp in document format, shot from the high end gadgets of CANON & SONY.

Videography : upto 1 min duration (Video of the jump) Photographs : 15-20 -CAMERAS USED : Sony A7 M4 160-600mm Canon R6 M2 24-70mm

CATEGORY NO. OF PERSON ALLOWED AT ONCE -Only 1 person allowed. (Bungy) -Single/Double/Trio (Swing) AGE LIMIT - 14 yrs to 99 yrs (Bungy) - 12 yrs & above (Swing) ( The Jumpers needs to be fit & healthy) WEIGHT LIMIT - 50 - 110 Kgs (includes 2Kg weight of the harness) -45 - 108 Kgs (Swing)

SAFETY STANDARDS - We are following the bungy code of practice in New Zealand & Australia AS/NZS 5848 : 2000. - Crew trained under british expert.

MEDICAL CONDITIONS Due to it’s extreme nature, this sport is not suitable for people with the following medical conditions: - Pregnancy - Heart condition - Recent fracture - Neurological disorders - Osteoporosis - Recent surgery - Consumption of alcohol - Fragile skin - Bone disorder / osteoporosis

1. Please make sure that you meet our weight & age limit. -50-110 Kg ( includes 2 Kg weight of the harness) -15 - 99 yrs (The jumpers needs to be Fit & Healthy)

2. Please reach on the site 30 min prior your booking. Once you reach the site the time taken would be 2-3 hours which includes waiting time, completing the process & getting ready for the jump. This may be due to the rush hour or rush days of the week.

3. You will be given 2 chances at the most while you are standing at the platform for the jump. If you fail to jump in those 2 count downs the money will not be refunded.

4. Camera has an auto shut timer for every 3 min, if you won't jump in those 3 min the video will not be recorded & the Himalayan Bungy team will not be responsible for it.

5. All the content recorded at the site can be used for promotional purpose.

6.. Your jump can be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances & weather.

ADMH-At Shivpuri, which is around 15 kilometers from the major town of Rishikesh in Uttarakhand, India, bungee jumping is a well-liked adventure activity. Around 107 meters high is the height of the Rishikesh bungee jumping platform. An organization named partner for adventuremint runs this website.

In Rishikesh, bungee jumping is popular for the following reasons:

Height: The platform is among the highest bungee jumping places in India and is located at a height of roughly 107 meters above the earth.

Experience: Bungee jumping entails leaping from a platform while wearing a harness fastened to your ankles. You then plunge to the ground in an exciting free fall until the cable stretches and begins to rebound, providing a singular burst of adrenaline.

Bungy for individual


1 Bungy Jump

Protective gears such as helmet

Bungy Master Expertise & guidance

NOTE* The package only covers the three product or service mentioned above


Photography & Videography The Cost of photography & videography is not covered in the package, it is on jumpers demand: 1500/-

Note* The package does not cover any product or service that is not mentioned in the “package covers” section


Sony A7 M4 160-600mm

Canon R6 M2 24-70mm

Videography : upto 1 min duration (Video of the jump)

Photographs : 15-20

Note* The customer will get the videos & photos in a pen drive, shot from the high end gadgets of CANON & SONY.


All the chords used are imported from Thailand

International Bungy masters: United Kingdom, Switzerland & Japan

Verified by best in field engineers (IIT, Skeleton, Studioemergence)

High quality international equipments

Run by experienced masterminds (Since 1995)

Approved by Uttarakhand Tourism

  1. Trusted Operator for Same Day and Multi-Day Rafting Trips in Rishikesh.
  2. License holding company, approved by Tourism and Forest Dept. of Uttarakhand
  3. Certified and Experienced River Rafting Guides
  4. 20+ years’ experience in White Water Rafting Expeditions, Licensed Staff Hiring and Expert Divers Hiring.
  5. Safety Kayak Boat with 16+ kms Rafting stretches
  6. Neoprene Wet Suits provided to all Rafters during Winters (November to February)
  7. First choice of corporates and institutional groups.

We welcome our visitors and we want them to understand that Rishikesh Rafting is an adventure activity and one should know the following things before planning booking their Rafting Activity from RishikeshCampingSites.Com

  • RishikeshCampingSites.Com team request you to thoroughly check all Rafting Stretches & their prices. You can inquire at 880077 3065 and get complete information
  • Visitors are requested to report at Rafting office in Lakshman Jhula, Tapovan. Pickup for Rafting is from Office in Lakshman Jhula
  • A Rafting Association with the name "Ganga Nadi Rafting Rotation Samiti" has been formed and all the Rafting Operators have been registered under this association
  • Customers are required to book their Rafting through Rafting Operators / Online Agencies only
  • Walk-In Customers can book their Rafting from Rafting booths which recently have been installed at 8 to 10 places in Rishikesh including Tapovan, Lakshman Jhula and Shivpuri
  • Total decided package cost will not be affected if there is any reduction in the number of persons
  • Visitors are required to sign a disclaimer / liability waiver form on arrival.
  • Rafting, Body Surfing & Cliff Jumping activities are subject to the weather conditions
  • Rafting Entry Rs 20/- Per Person to be Paid by Visitors (Slip issued by Govt)
  • In case of road blocking due to traffic jam, landside, storm or any other natural disaster etc. we shall not be responsible for any refund of fare
  • RishikeshCampingSites.Com or Rafting companies would not be responsible for your personal belongings like mobile/camera/watch & any other
  • Rishikesh has a very high season during the March, April, May and June every year. So there is always a huge rush in Rishikesh during the weekends due to which you may face a Traffic Jam in Rishikesh
  • Government has banned all those Raft boats / Companies which were operational without license and without certified/trained staff. So there is a reduction in quantity of boats to fulfill the demand of River Rafting
  • Visitors are requested to do Rafting early in the morning at around 7 or 8 am to avoid the huge Jam in Tapovan to Shivpuri Road. We have seen people stuck in Jam for hours and got their Rafting un-availed due to their lateness
  • Near Monsoon season, only 9 kms (from Brahmpuri) or 11 kms (from Phoolchatti) of Rafting would be provided. Whichever would be permissible by Govt after seeing the Ganga water level
  • Anybody found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, medically or physically unfit (any serious ailment, weak heart conditions, epilepsy, asthma, expecting mothers etc) unfit for any reason/s in the wisdom of the river, guide/instructor will not be allowed the rafting trip or undertake any other adventure activities. Request for a refund or a discount in such circumstance/s will not be entertained. Decision of the river guide / management in this regard would be final
  • Bulky clothes, saree, necktie, long skirts, suits are not permitted. Shorts, T-shirt preferably of synthetic material, floaters / sandals, sunglasses with strings are recommended
  • River Rafting is on sharing basis
  • Rafting is allowed only for people above the age of 14 years
  • 14 to 18 years of Kids are allowed only for 9 kms from Brahmpuri to Ram Jhula / NIM Beach
  • Rafting is not allowed for the persons above 100 kg (Matching to Height / Fit Person / Not too Fat)
  • Rafting activity is subject to the weather conditions / Ganga water level / Government Instructions

About Rafter

River rafting or white water rafting in Rishikesh offers exciting adventure options for all abilities. No matter what age group you belong to, you can also choose a rapid grade that suits your specific requirements. All the 13 Ganges river rapids, stretching from Kaudiyala to Rishikesh have been categorized according to international scale of river difficulties. River rapids along the Ganges range from Grade I to Grade IV, the river difficulty increasing in the ascending order of grades. Whether it is a kid of 10 years or an adult of 65 years, Rishikesh rafting trip has something to offer everyone.

Beast Season for River Rafting in Rishikesh

The adventure of river rafting in Rishikesh welcomes you between Mid September and Mid June. The river and atmospheric temperature during Dec & Jan dip by 15-20 degrees, so fall in number of Rafting bookings can be seen during these 2 months. White water rafting is not available during the monsoon months of July and August, as the level and flowing current of water rises very high during this time. Best time for doing Ganga River Rafting is between February & June or September to November after monsoon.

River Difficulties & Grades

The best part about having a rafting experience in Rishikesh is that even non-swimmers, starters and kids can enjoy the fun. River Ganga offers you exciting rapids to raft along from Kaudiyala till Rishikesh. The rapids along the river have been categorized according to the international grading system. As per your individual preferences, you can select a grade and then enjoy the white water rafting experience along the thunderous rapids.

Basic (Rapid Grade I & II)

If you are a starter, kid or elderly, it is advisable for you to choose from Grade I and Grade II. These rapids are available at Brahmpuri and Club House. The rafting distance is around 9 km while the sailing time is around 1 hour.

Standard (Grade III)

Non-swimmers who are a little more adventurous can also go for the Grade III option. These rapids are located at Shivpuri & Marine Drive (Byasi). If you choose the standard grade ie. Shivpuri & Marine Drive, you get to enjoy rafting for 2 hours and 3 hours over a distance of 16 and 25 kms respectively.

Moderate (Grade IV)

The moderate rafting stretches are popular as Kaudiyala and Deoprayag. The total distance for rafting is 36 km in Kaudiyala and 70 km in Deoprayag. You get to enjoy rafting for around 4-5 hours in Kaudiyala and 10 hours in Deoprayag. Grade IV/IV+ rapid is "The Wall", which lies at Kaudiyala. If you are start on a rafting expedition from Deoprayag, you get to soak up the adventure of 10 hours of rafting and night stay at Ganga beach camp.

Listen To What The Guide Says

Rafting guides are outfitters are expertly trained in what to do and how to prepare for a specific rafting stretch or grade. Therefore, do not make the mistake of underestimating their expertise about the rafting techniques and river rapids. Listen to them properly and act as advised to enhance the joy of river rafting even more.

Techniques & Skills

If you are a starter, you may not be aware about the difference between a paddle and oar rafts. Rafting along the advanced level rapids, you may need to use techniques like jumping to the high side of the raft (highsiding), keeping the raft straight and riding the raft again if it capsizes. During a rafting expedition, you can easily learn all the basic techniques used during river rafting. However before your trip starts, there's a short briefing by Rafting guide/instructor.

Choose Age and Health-appropriate Rafting Trips

Whether it is young children, a senior citizen or someone aged in between, white water rafting can be enjoyed by all. It is always advisable to select a rafting stretch which matches your age. Even older kids may not be allowed to go along grade IV rapids. Likewise, some rafting stretches are restricted for senior citizens. Therefore, it is essential to choose rafting trips according to your age.

Keep the River Ganga clean

As a responsible traveller, it is the responsibility of all that we make minimal impacts on the environment and keep River Ganges free from pollution. All who have planned their river rafting adventure in Rishikesh and are heading to India are requested to contribute towards the mission of keeping the Ganga clean.

Various 'Keep the Ganges Clean' campaigns are being run across the country. Both government and non-government organizations are making efforts to keep the river free from pollution. The Indian government took the first step towards this cause through the Ganga Action Plan (GAP) in the year 1984. Most of the tasks under this plan were completed in 1991.

Polluted Ganga water affects the lives of many, particularly those who are dependent on the river. Those who are dependent on the river for their water supply fall prey to serious illnesses like hepatitis, typhoid, cholera etc. According to the WorldWatch Institute (Washington DC), every 8 out of 10 Indians suffer from waterborne stomach illnesses.